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Music, production and lyrics : Alain Verdier
Except ‘Happy together - Sugar Q - Le clown‘ only arranged & produced)


The road...

Documents (pictures, posters, press, etc …) and texts: Jacques Paterson (Music 60/70 Collection).

1964 AV starts on stage on the drums in a band formed by students.

End 1965, AV joins ‘THE NIGHTFIGHTERS’ as guitarist and singer of the band.

At the beginning of 1967, AV (guitar and vocal) decides to create his own band, ‘THE SHAKES’. He gets surrounded by Dany LADEMACHER (guitar solo)and Guy DELANGE (drums) who leaves their band ‘THE SPEEDFINGERS’ to join him. There was only a bassist missing and Gérard HALLOY joins the band a little bit later.

Gérard HALLOY leaves the band and creates his own band ‘THE REFORMATION’ but he stays very close to the band ‘THE SHAKES’ as a sound-ingeneer. AV becomes then bassist and the Dutch singer Dirk DEVRIES joins the band.

During 1968 , Gérard HALLOY comes back (organ multi-sound) in the band ‘THE SHAKES’ to record a single of two songs with the very famous classic ‘DUST MY BLUES’ of ELMORE JAMES.

Cocktail and autographs for the release of the single.

A few months later and not long before recording the next single . ‘THE SHAKES’ take a new dutch singer: TEDDY. DIRK DEVRIES takes the rythmic guitar and Gérard HALLOY takes a big start on the drums.

Under the direction of a manager well known back then, ALAIN VERDIER, DANY LADEMACHER and the singer TEDDY join two English musicians, GUY MURPHY ( rhythmic guitar) and JOHN D (drums) to create a new band . ALAIN VERDIER gives this band a name, more than evocative,: ‘THE UGLY GREEN LIGHT FROM THE SUN’. The band yet promising did only 3 concerts before separating.

After this new experience, ALAIN VERDIER, DANY LADEMACHER, GERARD HALLOY and DIRK DEVRIES find each other again to reform ‘THE SHAKES’.
The band signs up for the ‘TROPHEE DU MUGUET D’ARGENT’ and succeeds by taking the first place and leaving several Dutch, German French and Belgian bands behind.

Summer 1969, new evolution of the band with the arrival of the englishman GUY MURPHY ( ex-’TOMAHAWK BLUES BAND’ and ‘UGLY GRREN LIGHT FROM THE SUN’) and the leaving of DIRK DEVRIES. The vocal part is again taken by ALAIN VERDIER.
Immediately , the band is called to play in a movie with a completely crazy and surrealistic concept.
They get to know the actrice URSULA KUBLER, who is no other than the wife of BORIS VIAN, with whom they will live some privileged moments.

End 1969, the band ‘THE SHAKES’ splits definitively. Alain VERDIER and Guy MURPHY will have a new project together, while Dany LADEMACHER joins the band KLEPTOMANIA and Gérard HALLOY goes on with his musical career with Dutch musicians.

For several months AV writes, composes and works on the sonorous and visual colour he wants to give to his future musical concept. The influences of psychedelic and the masters of this underground movement (Timothy LEARY, Jack KEROUAC, Allen GINSBERG, Tim BUCKLEY, GRATEFUL DEAD, ZAPPA and THE MOTHER of INVENTION…) will be on the basis for the creation of his new band. The Englishman Guy MURPHY (guitar and ex-SHAKES) joins AV ( vocal, base guitar, guitar) and the Dutchman Jan BERSMA ( percussion and ex-YELLOW TEMPLE) completes the trio.
Spring 1970, the band ’ASHRAM’ releases 6 numbers Extended Play (each one 15 to 20 minutes ) with the label BOUDHADISQUE France.

1972 AV puts an end on his experimental journey and forms a duo of traditional BLUES with Alex CAPELLE (ex– BURNING PLAGUE)
They will perform on stage until June 1973 and will release a single ‘On The Blue Side Of The Street’.

1973 AV decides to take some distance from the professional musical world and goes into the study and the practice of photography as autodidact.( see this site) In 1991 under the name ‘CARPE DIEM’ ( see discography), he records two numbers with his own label that he had just created (CROSSROADS FACTORY) . In 1993, he forms a band ‘NOT TOO LATE’ with MANITAS (ex BLUE –ROCK).
Some concerts and the recording of two numbers will be the short story of the band.

1994 AV creates the duo ‘ROSE BLUES’ with MANITAS (ex-BLUE ROCK and NOT TOO LATE), they will have a series of concerts and two singles.

Since his come-back in the music in 1993 and at the same time he goes on with his photography; AV writes , composes for several artists that he produces.
In 1997, in order to develop his musical activities, he creates his own studio ’THE SUB UP’ and gives birth to a new concept ‘CLAN DESTIN’ in which he assures the production above the lyrics , the composition and the interpretation of it.