Alan Verdier, French nationality, is born on a 17 of february in emergency… on a kitchen table !
He probably owes his unconventional artistic course to this birth not very current.
« The real is narrow, the possible is immense», such is his devise.
Lover of strong images and sonorous climates, AV distinguishes himself in various disciplines, such as music, photography, writing , movie and this nationaly and internationaly.
Extreme sensibility, most of his creative steps give away his dreams and agony, which often engender the strange and the mystery. Like the sad clown, when everything goes wrong… he sings.
Don Quichotte, a little bit rebel and always seeking for the unreachable star, AV regularly puts his creative references at the service of a humanist battle and cause, every time with pertinence and efficiency.
AV, some call him ’ Freak Man’, is from the sign Rat in the chinese horoscope. The Rat is defined as inventive and overflowing with imagination. A sign that suits him wonderfully.
In this actual time, he works on new projects wich should see the day soon. To be continued…

Anne-Sophie Barjac (Magazine ‘ACTUEL’ )